Convert Putty Private SSH Key for Cyberduck

February 22, 2008

if you already have a putty private ssh key and you want to use it with Cyber duck in SFTP mode, following is what you need to do:

1. Download and Install PuttyGen from here

2. Open your current private ssh key in puttygen.

3. From the menu, select export to openssh key and save it.

4. use above exported key in cyberduck.


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One Response to “Convert Putty Private SSH Key for Cyberduck”

  1. Novice User Says:

    My goodness. I have searched high and low for this piece of information–instinctively I just KNEW that this was possible, but had no idea how. Thanks for this post, even though it may have seemed trivial one at the time. I am going to post on my blog as well referencing this link as it just MUST be easier to find than it was for me! Thanks, –A

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