Rails Migration in PHP Zend Framework

January 7, 2008

Needless to say Migration is one of the best tools in Rails that make Ruby on Rails shine. If you are a PHP developer, check out this [Zend Framework: Zend_Db_Schema_Manager Component Proposal].

“Zend_Db_Schema_Manager maintains a database schema in a database agnostic format. This ensures that the same change can be applied to multiple databases and all changes can be stored in a version control system. The schema itself can be given in several formats like XML, PHP. Additional input formats could be integrated. “

Since this is still an early stage proposal, so there is no time line on when will this be available or even be accepted into the framework. But it’s always good to give your feedback to the proposal :)

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7 Responses to “Rails Migration in PHP Zend Framework”

  1. Cheesy Says:


  2. [...] zu erstellen, zu erweitern und mit Daten zu füllen. Für das Zend Framework ist ein solches Feature als Proposal angedacht … doch wann es kommt und wie es funktionieren wird ist noch völlig [...]

  3. [...] database schema and fill tables with data. Zend want to have a feature like that, too. There is a proposal for that feature – but nobody knows when this will be implemented and how it will [...]

  4. rajasekhar gadi gudda baga balisindhi…….

  5. sdffgdg Says:

    Сука нахуй!!!!

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